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Automatically generate certificates with Let's Encrypt and import them to Rancher
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Rancher Auto Certs

This is a Docker image made for Rancher users.

It generates certificates with Let's Encrypt to match what's in its configuration file, and imports them to Rancher using the API.

This is mainly a Python 3 script that uses ACME Tiny.


Get your Let's Encrypt Account Key

If you already used Let's Encrypt with the certbot client, you can copy your account key .json file (found in /etc/letsencrypt) and convert it to the format used by this script using the script.

Otherwise, you can generate a new key with : openssl genrsa 4096 > account.key

Create the Rancher service

This image declares two volumes:

  • /usr/src/app/config for the configuration file config.yml and can be used to store the Let's Encrypt account keys.
  • /media/acme-challenge is where the challenge files will be put.

This image doesn't take care of making the ACME Challenge files available from the web. If you don't already have a web server to do that, you can create a nginx service and mount the volume with the challenge files to be available at the /.well-known/acme-challenge path. You need to configure your frontend or loadbalancher to make all requests to the path /.well-known/acme-challenge - on all the domains you want certificates for - go to the right service.

The script needs tokens to access the Rancher API. You just need to add the following labels to the service and Rancher will automatically create environment vars for the API access :

  • io.rancher.container.create_agent=true
  • io.rancher.container.agent.role=environment

Here is an example Rancher config:

    io.rancher.container.create_agent: 'true'
    io.rancher.container.agent.role: environment
  image: jremy/rancher-auto-certs:X.Y.Z
    - auto-certs-config:/usr/src/app/config
    - auto-certs-acme-challenge:/media/acme-challenge
  image: nginx:1.10
    - auto-certs-acme-challenge:/usr/share/nginx/html/.well-known/acme-challenge:ro

Pimp the config

The script config file is a YAML file.

Each certificate is defined with a name and a list of domains. The name is only used for Rancher. Usually the name is one of the certificate domains, but this is not a restriction.

By default the config points to the Let's Encrypt staging environment, which generates invalid certificates. To use the production environment, change the ca value to


The script will run once a day, and renew certificates if needed.

When you update the config, just restart the container in Rancher for the script to re-run.

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