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RVM + WiringPi + Humble RPi gem
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Raspberry Pi Docker image containg RVM + WiringPi + Humble_rpi gem

Downloading the image

From within the Raspberry Pi running Docker, type docker pull jrobertson/root-wiring-humble_rpi

Running the container

Run this image with the --privileged flag e.g. docker run -t -i --privileged jrobertson/root-wiring-humble_rpi. It needs this flag to have permission to access the GPIO pins.

Blinking an LED

  1. Before switching the Pi on, connect an LED+resistor to GPIO 4
  2. Switch the Pi on, log in via SSH, run the container
  3. To enable an IRB session you must first type /bin/bash --login and then rvm use 2.1.2
  4. Type irb
  5. Run the following code:

    require 'rpi'

    rpi =; rpi.led[0].blink

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