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A base image for running ddclient
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This repository is used to build a base Docker image for deploying ddclient: jrstarke/docker-ddclient.


Create a ddclient.conf file that contains the configuration for your ddclient, based on the sample configuration.

Add a Dockerfile with the following contents to the root directory of your ddclient instance's repository:

FROM jrstarke/docker-ddclient

That's all you need.

Build the image for your ddclient with this command from the root of your repository:

docker build -t <your image name> .

Replace <your image name> with a custom name for your ddclient image.

Now start the ddclient container:

docker run -d --name ddclient --restart always <your image name>

ddclient is now running!

To deploy a new version of your ddclient, commit or pull any changes to the repository, rerun the command to build the image, then stop, remove, and start the ddclient container again:

docker build -t <your image name> .
docker stop ddclient
docker rm ddclient
docker run -d --name ddclient --restart always <your image name>



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