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Testing container that mounts stuff
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This is an attempt to use a DaemonSet with NFS, Gluster and Ceph utilities
to mount volumes by Kubernetes on a system that does not have mount.nfs,
mount.glusterfs or rbd utilities.


  1. Get Kubernetes from jsafrane's branch, compile
    it and deploy it somewhere, e.g.:

  2. Deploy the daemon set in kube-mount namespace.

    $ kubectl create ns kube-mount
    $ kubectl create -f daemon.yaml

    This will spawn a privileged pod that has access to /var/lib/kubelet on
    each node that kubelet will use to mount stuff. Note labels of the pods,
    that's how kubelet finds out which pod to use for what volume plugin.

  3. Profit, e.g. run a test that creates a Ceph server and a pod that uses CephFS mount:

    $ go run hack/e2e.go  -- -v --test  -test_args="--ginkgo.focus=CephFS"
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