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Spigot server for minecraft
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Building docker image

Create a branch off of master with the version...

git checkout -b 1.11
Modify Dockerfile

Update following plugins:


Automated build upon checkin to jsonxr/spigot

docker build --tag=jsonxr/spigot:1.11 .
docker push jsonxr/spigot:1.11


# First Time
docker-compose -p minecraft up -d

# After upgrade
container_name: mc-survival
image: jsonxr/spigot:1.11
restart: always
  - '25565:25565'
  - '80:8123'
  - data-mcsurvival

docker pull jsonxr/spigot:latest
docker run --name=mc-survival -it --volumes-from data-mcsurvival -p '25565:25565' -p '80:8123' --restart=always jsonxr/spigot:latest


rm /minecraft/eula.txt

Remove the eula.txt file and it will copy over everything in the /src/minecraft-build/minecraft folder. It will overwrite what is already there so be careful what you put in this folder. It will also no-clobber copy files in the defaults folder.

Backup Worlds

This creates a backup.tar.gz file in the home directory.

# On laptop
docker-machine ssh minecraft

# On server
docker run --rm --volumes-from data-mcsurvival -v $(pwd):/backup ubuntu tar cvf /backup/backup.tar.gz /minecraft/world /minecraft/world_nether /minecraft/world_the_end

# On laptop
docker-machine scp minecraft:backup.tar.gz backup.tar.gz

Restore Worlds

This will remove the data directories, so make certain you have the backup.tar before you run this command.

In the home directory, backup.tar must exist for the following command to work.

docker run --rm --volumes-from data-mcsurvival -v $(pwd):/backup ubuntu bash -c "cd /minecraft && rm -rf world && rm -rf world_nether && rm -rf world_the_end && tar xvzf /backup/backup.tar.gz"

Look at data

docker run --rm --volumes-from data-mcsurvival -v $(pwd):/backup ubuntu bash
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