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ApacheDS Homepage

This project run ApacheDS in a docker container with an Oracle Java 7 environment.

##How to use this image
Currently this image does not take any environment variables but you need to expose ports to your local machine to connect using Apache Directory Studio

  • -p 10389:10389 (unencrypted or StartTLS)
  • -p 10636:10636 (SSL)

##Example with boot2docker

  1. docker run --name apacheds -d -p 10389:10389 jjhughes57/apacheds-docker
  2. Start Apache Directory Studio
  3. In the bottom left corner there is a section called "Connections" Click on the "LDAP" icon to add a connection to your container.
  4. Hostname: and Port: 10389
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Bind DN or user: uid=admin,ou=system Bind password: secret (Default ApacheDS password)
  7. Click "Finish"
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