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Homematic occu docker image for raspberry bi, based on jsurf/rpi-java
Full Description

HomeMatic-Open-Central-Control-Unit-SDK (HM-OCCU-SDK)


  • CPU Support
  • Binary Packages
  • Supported communication devices
  • CCU2 Toolchain
  • Support
  • OCCU based Community Projects
  • Docker for ARM
  • Version History

CPU Support

The HM-OCCU-SDK contains several binary packages for different CPU
The CPU architectures are tested on the following hardware:

subfolder arm-gnueabihf:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Cubietruck (Cubian)

subfolder X86_32:

  • Debian Wheezy

subfolder mips:

  • vu+ solo² with vti Image

The script in the cpu specific subfolder copies all binary packages
to /opt/hm.
This script is just an example and can be enhanced by the community. Some Linux
distributions like OpenELEC have a readonly root filesystem, so the
installation script must be changed (replace /opt/hm by /storage/hm).

Further CPU specific information can be found in the CPU architecture specific

Binary Packages

Each CPU subfolder contains the following binary packages:

  • subfolder packages-eQ-3/RFD: Radio Frequency Daemon
  • subfolder packages-eQ-3/HS485D: (wired) HS485 Daemon
  • subfolder packages-eQ-3/WebUI: pre-alpha many CCU2 specific functions must be replaced
  • subfolder packages/lighttpd: preconfigured HTTP daemon

Supported communication devices

  • HM-LGW-O-TW-W-EU LAN Gateway
  • HM-CFG-LAN (limited support, OTAU (Over The Air Updates) not possible)
  • HMW-LGW-O-DR-GS-EU Wired LAN Gateway
  • HM-Cfg-USB-2 (experimental, not official supported)

CCU2 Toolchain

With the CCU2 toolchain it is possible to compile C/C++ programms and build
installable CCU2 add-ons.
It is also possible to build CCU2 images with additional software, e.g. the
Email add-on, which can be installed as normal CCU2 updates. A tutorial on how
to create a customized CCU2 Image will be published after the "HomeMatic User
Treffen 2015" (April 18th/19th 2015).


The HM-OCCU-SDK is provided free of charge. If you want any commercial support
pleace contact

OCCU based Community Projects

  • Hmcon - Installer Script for rfd, hs485d and Homematic Manager. "The ReGa-less CCU" for use with Software like OpenHAB, ioBroker, ...

Docker for ARM

Dockerfile for ARM devices

Version History

2015-04-02: Version 1.0.0

  • First initial version, no change history.
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