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my dotfiles trial on docker container
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This is a repository with my configuration files, those that in Linux/OSX normally are those files under the {$HOME} directory that are hidden and preceded by a dot, AKA, dotfiles.


I decide to use spacemacs. I don't support my dotemacs and merge to this repository.

How to setup

The easiest way to install the dotfiles is open to up a terminal, type the installation command below:

$ curl -L | python


$ curl -L | python

Incidentally, all will perform the following tasks.

  1. Download this repository. ( download)
  2. Deploy (ex. create symlink) ( deploy)
  3. Initialize ( init)

Try my confs

Try my conf to use Docker container.

  1. Install docker
  2. Clone this repository and build container like this:

    git clone
    cd dotfiles
  3. Pull or build container. (Docker hub repo)
    Pull container like this: (recommended)

    docker pull jtwp470/dotfiles

    or you want to build container, like this:

    docker build -t jtwp470/dotfiles .
  4. Run container and try.

    docker run -ti -v $(pwd):/root/.dotconfig/dotfiles jtwp470/dotfiles:latest /bin/bash
    # In container
    cd /root/.dotconfig/dotfiles  # Move to dotfiles directory
    # You DON'T get repository from GitHub
    python deploy
    python init
    python test
    # Run test


  • zsh (>= 5.0.2)
  • tmux
  • Vim 7.4
  • OS X 10.9 or higher
  • Ubuntu 14.04 or higher
  • iTerm2 (in OSX)
  • Powerline fonts
  • Emacs 25


Spacemacsはキーバインドを hybrid にして使っています.こうすることで<keyboard>SPC</keyboard>の恩恵を受けつつ,インサートモード時はEmacsのキーバインドを最大限利用できるようになりました.



  • Enables copying to system clipboard in tmux. Works on Linux and OSX. tmux yank
    If you use Linux to install, xsel, else if you use OS X to install reatach-to-user-namespace. Windows NOT SUPPORT.


Powerline Fonts

Please install the fonts patched Powerline. If you get pre-patched fonts, go to Powerline fonts.
If you use OS X and Homebrew, you can install using brew like this:

$ brew tap sanemat/fonts
$ brew install ricty --powerline --vim-powerline


コミット時の名前やメールアドレスなどは各環境に依存するため, dotfilesでの管理をとりやめました.
各環境で利用する際は, ~/.gitconfig.local に追記する形で利用してください.


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