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Docker image prepared for PHP-FPM 7 for running symphony applications.
Full Description

PHP-FPM 7 Symfony docker image

This image includes:

  • PHP-FPM 7 (and cli) with modules
    • mcrypt
    • ldap
    • mbstring
    • pdo
    • pgsql
    • pear
    • apcu
    • gd
    • intl
    • bcmath
    • devel
    • process
    • pspell
    • recode
    • tidy
    • xml
    • xmlrpc
    • opcache
    • json
    • xdebug
    • apcu
  • PostgreSQL 9.6 client
  • PHPUnit
  • Node, npm with modules:

    • bower
    • uglifyjs
    • uglifycss
    • grunt-cli
  • Scripts are prepared from:

    • /pause - (stopping) the PHP-FPM instance
    • /resume - (starting) the PHP-FPM instance
    • /restart (stopping) the PHP-FPM instance

Configure PhpStorm for xdebug remote debugger

Open Preferences -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP -> Servers
Add a new server:

  • Name: symfony
  • Host:
  • Port: 8000
  • Debugger: XDebug
  • Use path mappings [x]
  • Add a mapping from project root -> filesystem path to symfony root

Open Preferences -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP -> Debug -> XDebug

  • Port: 9000
  • Check everything under XDebug

To get bookmarklets in the browser for controlling the debugging go to and generate...

Test PhpStorm debugging

To test everything

  1. Set a breakpoint in the DefaultController::indexAction()
  2. Enable "Listen for debugger connections"
  3. Activate debugging in the browser using the bookmarklet
  4. Refresh the browser on http://localhost:8000

If everything works the breakpoint shall be triggered.

XDebug troubleshooting

Since XDebug needs to know how to connect back to the host, it is configured by default with


Debugging symfony commands

To allow debugging of symfony commands add server ip and port to the command line, like this:

$ docker exec -it devnapalm_php_1 /bin/bash
$ PHP_IDE_CONFIG="serverName=symfony" php -dxdebug.remote_autostart=1 -dxdebug.remote_enable=1 -dxdebug.remote_host= -dxdebug.idekey=PHPSTORM bin/console symfomy_command_here

To make callbacks work an alias to localhost is needed, under macOS this is created like this (see

$ sudo ifconfig lo0 alias

If server configuration lookup fails, set the following in the php container

$ export PHP_IDE_CONFIG="serverName=symfony"

Where symfony is the name chosen for the server configuration.

Now copy that IP and replace the one in php-fpm/xdebug.ini. To activate the changes remove current containers and the ngpsapp image

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