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Breaking Change

If you're using docker, there are now 2 tagged versions of the bot.

legacy: use this tag if you want to continue to use the buyVolumePercent and sellVolumePercent configurations
latest: this tag is for the new volume model

Questions feel free to ask

Here is a blog entry that acts as a walkthrough for setting up the bot:


This is an experimental bot for swing trading against the bittrex exchange. Set an upper and lower percentage that will place buy / sell orders. When an order triggers, the bracket will shift basing off the last order.

This bot is designed to trade coins you currently have! At current, it does not support trying to trade on a currency of which you have a 0 balance.

Example: if you try to execute it on ZEC but have no ZEC coins, it will not work


I am not responsible for anything done with this bot. You use it at your own risk. There are no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. You assume all responsibility and liability.


Note: An api key will need to be created with "Trade Limit" permissions

Config Parameter Type Default Required Description
apiKey String none Yes API key for account access
apiSecret String none Yes Secret key for account access
trade String none Yes Base token used for exchange (example: BTC)
currency String none Yes Token to be traded (example: STRAT)
sellValuePercent Integer/Float 4 No Difference in sell price of the previous successful order or market (on startup)
buyValuePercent Integer/FLoat 4 No Difference in buy price of the previous successful order or market (on startup)
volumePercent Integer/Float 4 No Percent of your tokens to be placed leveraged
buyDifference Integer/Float 0 No Percent adjustment to buy orders. Positive values buy more than sells. Negative values buys less than sell
extCoinBalance Integer/Float 0 No Off exchange balance
checkInterval Integer 30 No How often the bot checks state
tradeAmount Integer/Float 0 No Manually set token amounts for buy / sell Overrides percent parameters
initialSellPrice Integer 0 No Price set on first startup (example: 0.00095)

Specal Options

  • Leaving sell value percent out of the config will disable placement of sell orders. Buys will still place and when they trigger, the bracket will still shift.
  • Leaving buy value percent out of the config will disable placement of buy orders. Sells will still place and when they trigger, the bracket will still shift.

The percentage values are actual percentages...not decimals. So if you want to trade 3.25% you would input 3.25 in that value. I would also not recommend going below 10 seconds for the checkInterval. Otherwise, it's possible to induce a race condition with bittrex.

buyDifference explanation

In my opinion, the previous configuration model with individual buyVolume and sellVolume parameters ended up being fairly unpredictable. If the price went up, so did the amount the bot would end up buying. If it went down, it ended up selling more. The model was unsustainable over a long period of time and required a LOT of rebasing.

To resolve this problem, I've done away with the individual settings for a global setting. In short, setting the 'volumePercent' param with a 'buyDifference' of zero places matching buys / sells. Adjusting the 'buyDifference' changes only the buying behavior. It's been much more predictable and less prone to erroneous buys / sells.

To be transparent, here's the forumla being used to calculate the buy amount:

(balance + externalCoinBalance) volumePercent (1/(1 - volumePercent) * 1 + buyDifference)

Example file

  "apiKey": "34234898u9rghk",
  "apiSecret": "238ryfiuahskuqh4ri",
  "trade": "BTC",
  "currency": "WAVES",
  "sellValuePercent": 4,
  "buyValuePercent": 7,
  "volumePercent": 3,
  "buyDifference": 0,
  "extCoinBalance": 0,
  "checkInterval": 30,
  "initialSellValue": 0

the config file MUST be named botConfig.json


The bot is designed to trade a single token at a time. It's recommended to run it in the docker container.
Docker will need to be installed prior to trying to run this. To install Docker, see their installation guide:
The docker image can be found at jufkes/bittrexBot

To run:
docker run -d --name <name> -v /path/to/directory_containing_config_file:/opt/bittrexBot/config jufkes/bittrexbot:latest

docker run -d --name waves -v /opt/botdefs/waves:/opt/bittrexBot/config --restart always jufkes/bittrexbot:latest

-- The waves directory, in this case, contains the botConfig.json


Bots run without your intervention. It is recommended that you have a means to track your trades ergo, track the trades the bot is making for you. That is the same for this bot as well as any other bots you may try.

I track my trades using CryptoNotify. This tool can be setup to email executed trades or, as I prefer, send a message to a Slack channel.


If you'd like to donate a little BTC as a thank you, you can do so here: 19h1hgS2iSBReUaEo8oVkxkQdUDGwSuKCH


Code released under the MIT License.

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