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Julia Hadoop Docker Image
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Julia Hadoop Docker Image

This docker image bundles:

  • Hadoop 2.7.1
  • Julia 0.4
  • HDFS.jl
  • Elly.jl
  • DistributedArrays.jl

The docker image can be used to easily setup a Hadoop cluster with Julia. It can also be conveniently run in standalone mode for building / testing Julia packages or code.

Getting the image:

To pull a pre-built image from dockerhub, run:

docker pull julialang/hadoop:v0.4.6
docker tag julialang/hadoop:v0.4.6 julialang/hadoop:latest

Alternatively, to build locally, run:

git clone
docker build -t julialang/julia:v0.4.6 JuliaDockerImages/base/v0.4
docker build -t julialang/hadoop:v0.4.6 JuliaDockerImages/pkgdists/hadoop
docker tag julialang/hadoop:v0.4.6 julialang/hadoop:latest

Start standalone:

  1. start the docker container: docker run -it julialang/hadoop
  2. from the docker container shell, run: /hadoop/

Start cluster:

  1. Create a docker network named "julia": docker network create julia
  2. Start the data nodes (as many as NNODES, with hostnames like slaveN where N regresents Nth node): docker run -d -t --net julia -e NODE_TYPE=d --name slave1 -h slave1.julia --entrypoint /hadoop/ julialang/hadoop
  3. Start the master node: docker run -d -t --net julia -e NODE_TYPE=n -e NNODES=2 -P --name master -h master.julia --entrypoint /hadoop/ julialang/hadoop
  4. Log in to the master node (or any node for that matter): docker exec -it master /bin/bash
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