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Duo Authentication Proxy
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Duo AuthProxy on Linux


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Current version: Duo Authproxy 2.4.17 (release notes)

:warning: Duo Authproxy 2.4.17 resolves DUO-PSA-2016-001.


Duo Authentication Proxy provides a local proxy service to enable
on-premise integrations between VPNs, devices, applications,
and hosted Duo or Trustwave two-factor authentication (2fa).

This repo provides a way to build Duo Authentication Proxy into
a docker image and run it as a container.

Build integrity

The repo is set up to compile the software in a "builder" container,
then copy the built binaries into a "runtime" container free of development tools.

An unattended test harness runs the build script for each of
the supported distributions and runs acceptance tests, including
authentication against a test radius server with live Duo integration
as a second factor. If all tests pass on master branch in the
unattended test harness, it pushes the built images to the
Docker hub.

See for more details.

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