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Use Puppet to configure CoreOS hosts
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Puppet on CoreOS


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Run Puppet agent inside a container such that it affects the state of the underlying CoreOS host.

If you want to run Puppet Master in a container, see my docker-puppet git repo.

Wat? Why?

Cloud-init is fine for bootstrapping CoreOS hosts, but sometimes you want to:

  • consolidate inventory data (facter facts) in PuppetDB for all your hosts
  • use a single cloud-config for all CoreOS hosts, then
    use Puppet to make minor config changes in an idempotent manner


Build images:


Run simple tests:


The test harness uses BATS. Output resembles:

ok 1 list users inside container
ok 2 list groups inside container
ok 3 # skip (requires systemctl) manipulate systemd on host OS
ok 4 facter works against host OS
ok 5 show puppet help
ok 6 puppet works against host OS


See LICENSE in this git repo.

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