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XFCE Fedora desktop
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XFCE in a Fedora Docker container


Simple proof of concept to run Fedora 22 desktop in a container.


I want to run a graphical Linux app, such as scap-workbench,
and access it from devices that cannot run an X Server,
such as a stock Chromebook or Windows laptop.

I may extend to provide
a full desktop along the lines of xrdp.


On a Linux host with Docker:

docker run -d -p 3389:3389 jumanjiman/xrdp

Connect to the container as user foo with password bar
via an RDP client.


On a Linux host with Docker:

docker build --rm -t jumanjiman/xrdp .
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4 months ago

Another question (sorry ...). Which is the best way to get persistance in case I delete the container (save the files with -v)?

4 months ago

Sorry, I should find out more.

Here it is how to create a new user:
docker exec -it eager_bell bash -c "useradd -ms /bin/bash newuser" # Where "eager_bell" es the docker name and "newuser" is the name of the user we are going to create.

docker exec -it eager_bell bash -c "echo newuser:newpassword|chpasswd " # The same; "newpassword" is the password of the new user.

To give to it root privilages we run:

docker exec -it eager_bell bash -c "usermod -aG wheel newuser"

4 months ago

Good afternoon,

I love your idea and seams to work well. But I want to use it as a remote computer, so I would like to be able to easily install applications, create users, ..., but I don't know the root password. How can I obtain root privileges?