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A Unison container for fast file synchronization, i.e. on OSX where both VirtualBox and NFS is slow
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A Unison Docker container for fast file synchronization, i.e. on OSX where both
VirtualBox shares as well as NFS is awfully slow.


The only requirement is unison. It can be installed from your favorite
package manager such as apt or brew.


With pure Docker (and, in this case, dlite):

$ UNISON=(docker run -d -p 5000:5000 jumoel/unison)
$ unison . socket://local.docker:5000/ -auto -batch
$ docker run --rm --volumes-from=$UNISON busybox ls -l /app

The -auto option for unison makes it run almost automatically and -batch makes
it run without waiting for user input. See unison -help for more options.

Usage with docker-compose is similarly simple:

version: "2"
    image: busybox
    command: sh -c "sleep 5 && ls -l /app"
      - unison
    image: jumoel/unison
      - "5000:5000"

To test it, run:

$ docker-compose up

In a new terminal, then hurry up and run

$ unison . socket://local.docker:5000/ -auto -batch

The sleep 5 && ls -l /app allows for time to synchronize the unison folder
before listing the contents of it. In a real scenario, the unison service will
probably need to be started separately, so an initial synchronization can be run
before the consumer service needs the files.


The container by default synchronizes to and shares the /app folder, but that
can be configured with the UNISON_WORKING_DIR environment variable.

Unison is set up as ENTRYPOINT, so additional parameters when running the container
will be passed on to the program.

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