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SpagBIMeta IDE with openJDK 7.
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SpagoBIMeta 5.2

A dockerised version of SpagoBIMeta 5.2 Eclipse based IDE with Java 7. SpagoBIMeta is quite particular about needing Java 7 to run. Since most Linux distros now come with Java 8 and with Java 7 out of public support cycle from Oracle, it makes it difficult to run SpagoBIMeta on if you are using a Linux desktop.

If you wish to build the image yourself see the git hub repository (

To run this image use the following options to docker run:

docker run -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v /path/to/local-fs-workspace:/SpagoBIMeta_5.2.0_linux64/workspace -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY --rm -d --name SpagoBIMeta jumpingbean/spagobimeta:5.2

The above command does the following:

  • docker run will pull down and run the image from Docker Hub. This may take a while depending on the line speed,
  • -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix will map the X server unix socket into the container so that the gui displays on your host X server,
  • -v /path/to/local-fs-workspaceL/SpagoBIMeta_5.2.0_linux_64/workspace maps the first directory on the host into the container so you can save you projects on the host and not in the container itself. If you do not use a mapped volume your projects will exist in the container only. This will make performing backups and version control difficult, not to mention containers are ephemeral and you may loose your data otherwise. Of course you could pull it down again from your SpagoBI server :),
  • -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY just makes the host environment variable into the container,
  • --rm - this will remove the container after it has been run, another reason to make sure you map your workspace into a folder on the hosts!. You can leave this out and just keep the container around and stop and start it when needed. The container is named SpagoBIMeta so you can use "docker start SpagoBIMeta" if you want to use the same container again after existing the IDE,
  • -d Means run the process in detached mode so log messages are not shown on stdout. To see log messages, which can be important for debugging problems with your model use "docker log SpagoBIMeta",
  • --name SpagoBIMeta - is the name of the container. You can use this in docker commands to refer to the running container
  • jumpingbean/spagobimeta:5.2 is the image to pull and launch.
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