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Ubuntu 14.04 + libslax, juise, and all dependencies.
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Check our github release page to find the latest release.

Please visit the juise wiki for more information, documentation, examples, and notes on JUISE.


The JUISE project (the JUNOS User Interface Scripting Environment) allows scripts to be written, debugged, and executed outside the normal JUNOS environment. Users can develop scripts in their desktop environment, performing the code/test/debug cycle in a more natural way. Tools for developers are available, including a debugger, a profiler, a call-flow tracing mechanism, and trace files.
The JUNOS-specific extension functions are available for scripts, allowing access to JUNOS XML data using the normal jcs:invoke and jcs:execute functions. Commit scripts can be tested against a JUNOS device's configuration and the results of those script tested on that device.

This Docker container is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and includes libslax, libcurl, juise, and all related dependencies.


Please log all issues in the Github project.


docker pull juniper/junos-juise


Start the container:

docker run -it juniper/junos-juise /bin/bash

Or maybe you'd like to mount the directory where your SLAX scripts are:

docker run -it -v /some/path:/scripts /bin/bash

Mount the current directory as /scripts in the container. Also, give it a name so you can restart it easily.

docker run -it --rm --name MyPyEZ -v $PWD:/scripts

Run the container as an executable to test a some_script in /some/dir and cleanly remove it when done.

docker run --rm juniper/junos-juise -v /some/dir:/scripts slaxproc --check some_script.slax


  • Add CLIRA
  • Expose CLIRA ports to the host


If you're interested in contributing to the Docker version of JUISE, hit me up @ntwrkguru

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