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Desktop for your browser!
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Welcome to OS.js!

OS.js is a desktop implementation for your browser with a fully-fletched window manager, Application APIs, GUI toolkits and filesystem abstraction.

Download and Run

  • Must run docker commands in root or with sudo.
  1. Issue docker pull junland/osjs-dev.
  2. Then issue docker run junland/osjs-dev
  3. Issue 'sudo docker inspect -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' [Container ID of OS.js]' to find IP address of container.
  4. Place that address with port 8000 in your browser and you should enter the OS.js Desktop!

VFS Integration

To attach VFS to your local machine issue this command when running the container:

docker run /your/home:./vfs junland/osjs-dev

Want to learn more? Want to contribute?


API's, Extensive Manuals, and much more at

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