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Geometry editor for JuPedSim
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Erik Andresen drafted this on 21 Aug 2017

JPSeditor is a graphical user interface to create the geometry of a scenario simulated by JuPedSim. It comes with set of CAD- and further tools to simplify the creation of proper xml-files
incorporating information about the scenario' geometry.


  • DXF Import / Export
  • CAD features
    • Point and line grid
    • object snap
    • Orthomode
    • Zooming
    • Line editing
    • ...
  • Tools for automatic room and door declarations


To highlight some features of JuPedSim we have uploaded some videos on our YouTube channel including a tutorial showing how to use the editor.


This version comes with an installer for Windows. So just download it, start it and follow the instructions. The installer is only available for windows at the moment. For other architectures (Linux, OSX) you will need to compile the sources. See the section Compiling from sources.


In the installing directory you will find an executable to uninstall JuPedSim completely (including registry files) if you have used the installer on windows. Otherwise you just need to delete the directory in which you have put the JuPedSim files.


Start the application by clicking on the binary file. (For example .exe). If you have used the installer on windows you can open a command shell and type the name of the application you want to invoke. The invokation from the command shell works from any directory since the installer has added the installation directory of JuPedSim to the system path.

System Requirements

There is no special hardware/software requirements for running JuPedSim.
The distributed binaries however, are only available for windows at the moment.
For compiling from sources you need a compiler with c++11 support is needed for the core.
Qt version >=4.5 and VTK >5.8 are needed for the visualization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the official page of JuPedSim? and the contact is info at You will find more information on the working group and other tools and experimental pedestrians data we have been collecting over the years.

  • Where is the official repository?
    JuPedSim is developed at the Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany and the bleeding edge code is in their intern git repository. At the moment only specific tags are pushed to GitHub.

  • Is there a manual?
    Of course, the user's guide is found in the downloaded archive.

  • Are the models validated?
    We are actually setting up verification and validation tests. Some verification tests are included in this version but most of them will be available with the next version. This is an ongoing process.

  • How can I contribute to JuPedSim?
    Testing and reporting bugs will be great. If you may want to contribute actively to the code, by implementing new models and/or features, you are welcome to do so.

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