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Geometry and trajectories visualization tool for JuPedSim
Full Description


Visualize the trajectory files (simulation and experiments) and geometry files produced by JuPedSim modules.


  • Loading and visualizing trajectories and geometries
  • Easy to use visualization interface
  • Making high quality videos directly from the visualization interface or generating png screenshots
  • XML based input files
  • Drag and Drop

How to use this image

For Linux systems please check Running GUI apps with Docker

For Mac OS X users start socat to expose local xquartz socket on a TCP port:

socat TCP-LISTEN:6000,reuseaddr,fork UNIX-CLIENT:\"$DISPLAY\"

Then in a new window pass the DISPLAY to the container by running

docker run -it -e DISPLAY=YOUR_IP:0 jupedsim/jpsvis

See also this issue

For Windows users.. well I do not know yet! :-)

Updating and compiling (optional)

We will try to release up to date images. However, from the directory /home/jupedsim/workspace/jpsvis/
you can still update the repository with

git pull 

or even change another branch.

Afterwards, you will need to compile the project:

  cd build
  make -j4

A successful compilation will produce a new executable in ./bin


Contact us per mail at info at

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