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single-user docker images for use with JupyterHub and DockerSpawner see also: jupyter/docker-stacks
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Built from the jupyter/scipy-notebook base image.

This image contains a single user notebook server for use with
JupyterHub. In particular, it is meant
to be used with the
class to launch user notebook servers within docker containers.

This particular server runs (within the container) as the jovyan user, with
home directory at /home/jovyan, and the IPython example notebooks at

Note on persistence

This home directory, /home/jovyan, is not persistent by default,
so some configuration is required unless the directory is to be used
with temporary or demonstration JupyterHub deployments.

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2 months ago

You use the username and password corresponding to any account on the machine you are using.

6 months ago

what is the default password?