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Container for use of --headless flag in Google Chrome. Now based on Google Chrome beta (M59+).
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Chrome Headless

What was once a container using the experimental build of headless_shell from tip, this container now runs and exposes stable Chrome headless via google-chome --headless.

What's New

  1. Pulls from Chrome Stable
  2. You can now use the ever-awesome Jessie Frazelle seccomp profile for Chrome.
    wget -O ~/chrome.json

To run (without seccomp):

docker run -d -p 9222:9222 --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN justinribeiro/chrome-headless

To run a better way (with seccomp):

docker run -d -p 9222:9222 --security-opt seccomp=$HOME/chrome.json justinribeiro/chrome-headless

Using In DevTools

Open Chrome and browse to http://localhost:9222/.

Information on Chrome headless

Known issues

Unsafe Scripts

You may have to Load unsafe scripts from the omnibox shield icon to allow connecting to the insecure websocket endpoint ws://localhost:9222:

Red herrings

Depending on the current build, if you run the container interactively you may see things like this on the console:

[0501/] Multiple instances of AudioManager detected
[0501/] Multiple instances of AudioManager detected

In most cases, these messages can be safely ignored. They will sometimes change and eventually as things are updated in the source tree, resolved.

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