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Dockerfiles used to build client Default X86 with arm and x86-crosscompile-arm options
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Dockerfiles to build clent

Inspired by keybase client issue #2938

  • Dockerfile: Docker file to build keybase client for linux/x86
  • Dockerfil.arm: Docker file to build keybase client for linux/ARM (native) tested on Raspberry PI 3.
  • Dockerfile.xcompile-arm: Dockerfile to build keybase cliente for linux/Arm (crosscompile from x86)

Usage with docker-compose

A docker-compose.yml file is provided, so after cloning the repository you can:
docker-compose up <servicename> and the keybase binary will get copied to
the repository directory after a successful build.


  • keybase-native-x86 (to be used on a x86 Docker host, compiles an x86 binary)
  • keybase-xcompile-arm (to be used on a x86 Docker host, cross compiles an ARM
  • keybase-native-arm (to be used on an ARM Docker host, compiles an ARM binary
    see later for specific build notes)

Special notes for native ARM build

In order to build you need docker-compose and a golang docker image wit golang
version >= 1.7.x

Instructions to install an ARM compatible docker-compose are provided [here]
( courtesy of Hypriot.

In order to build the golang docker image that is required you have to init the
relevant submodule first: git submodule update --init --recursive

after that simply do: doker-compose up keybase-native-arm

(the golang image is marked as a requirement in the compose file, so it will get
built the first time if it's not present)

Cleanup and rebuild

The included removes old containers, and keybase-build image in
order to start from scratch. (note that it doesn't remove the golang image so
you don't have to rebuild that every time)

OLD Usage with single Dockerfiles (docker-compose is preferred)

docker build -t keybase-build -f Dockerfilename .

after the build is finished you can copy keybase binary with

docker run -it -v $(pwd):/tmp keybase-build /bin/bash 

and then inside the container cp keybase /tmp

  • Note that if you are compiling for ARM natively, you need the golang-arm image first, so init the
    submodule with git submodule update --init --recursive then build the image with the Dockerfile inside the
    golang-arm directory.
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