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This docker updates the DNS entry of the caller of the webservice in Digital Ocean
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Digital Ocean DNS Update Service

This docker hosts a small python Bottle service that updates the Digital Ocean DNS record for a given domain based on callers source ip address.

This docker may be for you if you host your DNS via Digital ocean and have servers with a dynamic IP at home and are fed up with all these not-really free services such as no-ip and dyndns.


###Environment vars
ENV_DO_ACCESS_TOKEN - The access token to get to the digital ocean account for changing the DNS entry. As such the token must give write access to the account.

ENV_LOG_LEVEL - The log level used by the application. By default DEBUG is used.

If the application is fronted by an NGINX or similar webserver, the header
X-Real-IP should be forwarded to allow the app to determine the source ip address.

##Example usage

On your server, start:

docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -e ENV_DO_ACCESS_TOKEN=1234 jverhoeven/do-dns-update-service 

On your machine with a dynamic DNS, add this to a cron job:

curl http://<dns-update-server:port>/update/

to update you domain to your current source ip address.

##Source code
Can be found here

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