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A docker container for a Teamspeak3 server. Supports automatic backup and restore of the internal Teamspeak
database (ts3server.sqlitedb) to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage. This does not back up shared files, but does backup the channels, permissions, etc.


$ docker pull docker pull jwgur/docker-teamspeak
$ docker run \
    -e "S3_BUCKET=[REPLACEME]" \
    -p 10011:10011 \
    -p 9987:9987/udp \
    -d jwgur/docker-teamspeak

Environment variables

Variable Meaning
TEAMSPEAK_VERSION (Optional) Version of Teamspeak. Defaults to (Released 2014-12-15)
S3_BUCKET (Optional) S3 bucket where ts3server.sqlitedb can be found.
S3_ACCESS_KEY (Optional) S3 access key
S3_SECRET_KEY (Optional) S3 secret key
GCS_BUCKET (Optional) Google Cloud Storage bucket where ts3server.sqlitedb can be found.
GCS_FOLDER (Optional) Google Cloud Storage folder in the bucket to look for and store ts3server.sqlitedb can be found.
GCS_KEY (Optional) Base64-encoded JSON-encoded Google Compute Engine Internal Service Account key
GCS_ACCOUNT_EMAIL (Optional) The email address for the Google Compute Engine Internal Service Account


Base image: This image uses the phusion/baseimage based off Ubuntu.

At startup, before running the server, we attempt to load the backup database from S3/GCS (etc/my_init.d/ Then we start the server (etc/service/teamspeak/run).


The backup script (etc/service/teamspeak-backups/run) is run concurrently with the teamspeak server by the phusion init system.


I am accepting of contributions both of feature requests as well as pull requests. You should expect a response within one or two business days.

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