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Exploring the Mazes of Menace
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NetHack is a roguelike computer game in which a brave young @ goes forth to acquire the Amulet of Yendor and dies horribly every(?) single time. It also has a wiki.

This repository contains Docker images for the latest versions of the game, built with the basic out-of-the-box configurations (so tty graphics only, no autopickup exceptions in 3.4.3, and no status hilites in 3.6.0), with the following exceptions:

  • Mutable game data (high scores, save files, etc.) is stored in the /data volume separately from the static data so that the former can be preserved across containers.

  • root (the user the image runs as) can enter debug/wizard mode without having to switch to a different *nix account.

  • Support for the new sysconf mechanism in 3.6 is only enabled in the 3.6.0-sysconf and 3.6.1-sysconf images. This feature allows certain game parameters to be configured via the /data/sysconf file. See sys/unix/sysconf in the NetHack 3.6.0 source distribution for more information.

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Setting Options

You can set NetHack options by specifying them directly in the environment variable NETHACKOPTIONS:

docker run -it -e NETHACKOPTIONS="name:Rodney,disclose:+i +a +v +g +c +o" jwodder/nethack:3.6.0

or put the options in a .nethackrc file in your /data volume and set NETHACKOPTIONS to "@<PATH TO FILE>":

echo 'OPTIONS=name:Rodney,disclose:+i +a +v +g +c +o' > /path/to/my/nethack/data/.nethackrc

docker run -it -v /path/to/my/nethack/data:/data -e NETHACKOPTIONS="@/data/.nethackrc" jwodder/nethack:3.6.0

or add the .nethackrc directly to root's home directory in a derived image and run that:

# Dockerfile:
FROM jwodder/nethack:3.6.0
RUN echo 'OPTIONS=name:Rodney,disclose:+i +a +v +g +c +o' > /root/.nethackrc

# Command line:
docker build -t my_derived_nethack .
docker run -it my_derived_nethack

If using the 3.6.0-sysconf or 3.6.1-sysconf image, the default option values can be set by placing them in /data/sysconf:

echo 'OPTIONS=name:Rodney,disclose:+i +a +v +g +c +o' >> /path/to/my/nethack/data/sysconf

docker run -it -v /path/to/my/nethack/data:/data jwodder/nethack:3.6.0-sysconf
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