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a demo to show how ee webapp works
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a demo to show how ee webapp works



  1. Install <a href="">Docker</a>

  2. In a command window execute the command

     docker run -it -p 5000:5000 --name=ee jxiong/ee-mapper
  3. If the container is not found it will be automatically downloaded from Dockerhub and
    started. At the container prompt execute the command

     earthengine authenticate

    and follow the instructions. You will have to copy the given URL and paste it into your local browser.

  4. After successful authentication the credentials are saved to the container. Now run the command


    and point your browser to


    to start work.

  5. When finished, hit

     Ctrl C 

    in the command window to stop the Flask application server and


    to leave the container.

  6. Stop the container with

     docker stop ee
  7. Re-start and enter the container with

     docker start -ai ee
  8. Run the command


    to re-start the server.

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