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Database Filename Search: NSLR (55.5 MB)
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Known Files Names (KFN)

Docker container to ask for filenames of known files. It shrinks big database (larger than 2 GB) to Docker container of less than 100 MB by using bloom filters.
Currently it is smallest known Docker implementation of such databases. It implements bloom filter from:

Image is based on the gliderlabs/alpine base image

Docker image size

Docker image usage

docker run k0st/kfn [FILENAME] [FILENAME] ...


Check filename of notepad.exe

docker run --rm k0st/kfn notepad.exe

You can also check for multiple MD5s on command line:

docker run --rm k0st/kfn notepad.exe calc.exe bloomutil.exe

You can start checking interactively (each pattern on each line):

docker run --rm k0st/kfn -f -

You can check from file (each patern on each line):

docker run --rm -v /path/to/host/dir/with/search.names/file:/work:rw k0st/kfn -f search.names 


Inspired by:

Docker Pull Command
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