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Moloch on Debian - large scale IPv4 full PCAP capturing and indexing (1.41GB)
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Docker Moloch container

Image is based on the debian base image

Docker image size

Docker image usage

docker run k0st/moloch [capture]


Run capture on docker container eth0 interface:

docker run k0st/moloch capture

Run viewer and import pcap to analyze:

docker run -v /path/to/host/pcap:/data/pcap:rw k0st/moloch
docker exec containerid /data/moloch/bin/moloch-capture -r /data/pcap/sniff.pcap -t mysniff
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6 months ago

I'm having trouble with this image

i have run docker in my ubuntu (14.04 x64).

then "docker pull k0st/moloch" and received the image of moloch.
i want to capture my eth0 traffic ,after this command "docker run k0st/moloch capture" nothing be run
please help me!
i check my eth0 ip address and in my browser :
https://eth0 ip address:8005
but Unable to connect !

What should I do exactly , step by step please !