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Captvty to get the catch-up tv of french speaking TV (french, swiss, belgian, canadian)
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Updated with captvty 2.6.2 (from 15/08/2017)

or the new (and experimental) Captvty V3 (

which lets you do a search in all the TV replays

Captvty is a Windows freeware available at

French, swiss (french and german), belgian and Canadian (from Québec) TV replays are available.

In the options of Captvty you may enter a proxy if needed.

To launch it, for example,

Since docker 1.9, start it with

in order to solve messages such as
wine: '/tmp/.wine-1000/server-2c-4c/socket' is not a socket
(and the container stops immediately)

I have added -v /tmp in the following command

docker run -e DISPLAY -v /tmp -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/home/developer/.Xauthority -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:ro --net=host k3ck3c/captvty:2-3-10

Add a
if you want it to start when you boot your computer

Your then copy your downloaded videos with a docker cp command, such as

docker cp containerid:path/file path

docker cp 9087050696d4:/home/gg/Captvty/Vidéos/ ~

will copy the downloaded vidéos in ~/Vidéos

The latest at the moment is

When a new version is available, you are notified and can download the latest version with the browser included in this container. When the download completes, you update with, from the host

docker exec -it container_id unzip -d ~/Captvty ~/Téléchargements/


Yes to All

, as you want to replace all the files with the latest version.

( is an example, the version changes each time, of course)

and then clean with a

docker exec -it container_id rm ~/Téléchargements/

You then reload it in order to have the new version by clicking on the top of the windows (if you launch it with --restart=always)

Docker Pull Command

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