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Official build of the Enterprise Edition of Kaazing WebSocket Gateway
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What is Kaazing WebSocket Gateway?

A high performance, scalable, secure robust real-time platform for reactive event-driven web and mobile applications.

The Docker image for Community Edition is available as well.

The Enterprise Edition has all of the capabilities of the Community Edition plus additional enterprise features and enterprise support available. Read more about the difference between the editions.

How to use this image

Base Docker Image



$ docker run --rm --name kwg -h -p 8000:8000 kaazing/enterprise-gateway

The hostname needs to be resolvable from your browser. You can do this by adding an entry to your hosts file for that points to your Docker host's IP address. For example, if you are using Docker Machine, you can get the IP address with this command: docker-machine ip

You should then be able to connect to ws:// using the echo test.


Released under the Kaazing Developer License. In summary it permits free usage for evaluation, development, and non-production use.

Note: The Community Edition is available under Apache 2.0.


Online documentation is available.

See the Release Notes for what's new.


Please contact Kaazing for any questions, comments, or feedback.

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