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This project is the result of wanting a way to interact with my childrens' Minecraft world via a REST API. I plan to combine this project with another REST API that will handle authentication and parsing the Minecraft server log output into something more meaningful for an upstream UI.


Run the container with:
docker run -t -v /minecraft/widnercraft:/data -p 25598:25565 -p 10000:9999 -d --name widnercraft kai5263499/restcraft-backend

This assumes that /minecraft/widnercraft contains minecraft-server.jar


To change the weather:
curl -X POST --data "/time set day" localhost:10000/cmd --header "Content-Type:text/plain"


In case you want to run this locally, here are the configuration options for mcaserve.json

  • server_directory - full path to the directory that you want to run minecraft from. This directory will accumulate player files and world data
  • server_jar - the Minecraft server jar to use
  • memory - how much memory in megabytes to allocate for Minecraft
  • webPort - the port that the web interface listens on
  • webHost - the host that the web interface binds to
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