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A Dockerfile for building image of shadowsocks-gowith its binary(compiled) files.
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Current version: 1.2.1

A Dockerfile for building image of shadowsocks-go with its binary(compiled) files.

The image is based on Busybox which is extreamly tiny, and using binary files, so the whole image only takes 12.03 MB.

This project is initially inspired by docker-shadowsocks, and my objective was to achieve a more bare-bone and cleaner image comparing docker-shadowsocks.

Quick Start

This image uses ENTRYPOINT to run the containers as an executable.

docker run -d -p 443:443 kaijun/shadowsocks-go -p 443 -k $SSPASSWORD -m aes-128-cfb 

You can configure the service to run on a port of your choice. Just make sure the port number given to Docker is the same as the one given to shadowsocks. Also, it is highly recommended that you store the shadowsocks password in an environment variable as shown above. This way the password will not show in plain text when you run docker ps.

For more command line options, refer to the shadowsocks-go documentation

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