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A dockerized python build environment based on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial
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A Docker container for use as a CircleCI 2.0 Primary Container

NOTE TO KAIROS EMPLOYEES - this is a public repository and should contain no proprietary information or credentials.

Available on Docker Hub as kairosaero/circleci-build.


This repository represents a primary container for a CircleCI 2.0
containerized build.

Docker Image Build

The image build does the following (turning the Dockerfile into a Docker image):

  1. Packages up an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial userspace (the same as the Kairos production environment)
  2. Installs the production package loadout
  3. Installs Packer and Docker, since they are not pure apt installs
  4. Creates an empty Python 3.5 virtualenv and installs build prerequisites like
    twine, setuptools, and credstash
  5. Creates a directory structure expected by some Kairos software
  6. Installs a suite of build scripts into /opt/kairos/bin to run standard
    build steps and puts them into $PATH.

Docker Container Runtime

At container runtime, it expects the following environment variables to be defined:



  • CREDSTASH_TABLE - the credstash table to pull secrets from
    (default: circleci-secrets)
  • SECRET_SET_NAME - the entry to pull from the credstash table
    (default: default-build-secrets)

Given those variables, it then:

  1. Uses credstash to pull down JSON defining all environment variables
    containing secrets (see build_secrets_template.json)
  2. Transforms the JSON with jq and injects the variable values into the
  3. Uses those credentials to wire the virtualenv to a private PyPI server
  4. Installs the Kairos build library from the private PyPI repo
  5. Writes a default config file for publishing packages to a private PyPI
  6. Activates the virtualenv for all docker commands run in the container


This source code is made available under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

© 2017 Kairos Aerospace. All Rights Reserved.

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