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Ubuntu Core 14.04 + CUDA + SSH server + X server (for NVIDIA Visual Profiler).
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Ubuntu Core 14.04 + CUDA 8.0 + SSH server + X server (for NVIDIA Visual Profiler).



Include password.txt with the password for sshd (by default this is "password").


Use NVIDIA Docker: nvidia-docker run -dP kaixhin/cuda-ssh.

The default password should be changed. To do so start up a container and then run docker exec <id> bash -c "echo 'root:<password>' | chpasswd".

For automatically mapping a SSH port use nvidia-docker run -dP kaixhin/cuda-ssh and docker port <id> to retrieve the port.
For specifying the port manually use nvidia-docker run -d -p <port>:22 kaixhin/cuda-ssh.
The shell can be entered as usual using nvidia-docker run -it kaixhin/cuda-ssh bash.

The NVIDIA Visual Profiler (nvvp) can be accessed with an X client, after having run ssh with the -X flag.

For more information on CUDA on Docker, see the repo readme.


If you find this useful in research please consider citing this work.

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