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based on to support git, ruby, rvm and plugins with ssh access
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Setup Jenkins

setup docker with proxy

You must recreate the default machine or another to support proxies.
sh -c username:password -p proxy:proxyport

if docker login can't connect:
docker-machine env --no-proxy default
eval $(docker-machine env --no-proxy default)

pull vm

docker pull kaltepeter/jenkins

build vm (if building locally)

docker build -t kaltepeter/jenkins .

with proxy:
sed 's/^M$//' plugins.txt > plugins.txt

proxy=http://username:password@proxy:proxyport && \
docker build \
--build-arg HTTP_PROXY=$proxy \
--build-arg http_proxy=$proxy \
--build-arg HTTPS_PROXY=$proxy \
--build-arg https_proxy=$proxy \
--build-arg NO_PROXY=$(docker-machine ip) \
--build-arg no_proxy$(docker-machine ip) \
-t kaltepeter/jenkins .

start vm

docker run --name jenkins-custom -p 8085:8080 -p 2222:22 -e SSH_KEY="$(cat ~/.ssh/" -u root:root -v ~/data/jenkins_home:/var/jenkins_home kaltepeter/jenkins:v2

start jenkins

docker exec -i -u jenkins:jenkins -t jenkins-custom /usr/local/bin/

push code to machine

git remote add local2 ssh://docker@

git push local2 master


fix network

docker-machine restart default

eval $(docker-machine env default)

fix windows docker-machine with proxy issues


copy ~/data/jenkins_home to ./jenkins_home

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