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Atlassian JIRA
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Atlassian JIRA Docker

Run single container

Just run docker run -it --name jira -p 8080:8080 kardasz/atlassian-jira and open browser

Use docker-compose (with PostgreSQL database and backup service)

Run docker-compose up -d and open browser and use following settings host: postgres, user: jira, password: jira, database: jira.

Env variables

  • JIRA_BACKUP_VOLUME mount local dir or named volume (default named volume) for backup storage. For local dir user user:group 5000:5000
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD database password
  • BIND_IP ip address for attach services
  • CRON_CLEANUP="0 0 * * *" cron scheduler for remove old backup files (older than 14 days). Empty string for disable.
  • CRON_CRON_POSTGRES="15 0 * * *" cron scheduler for database dump. Empty string for disable.
  • CRON_CRON_DATA="45 0 * * *" cron scheduler for backup jira data. Empty string for disable.

Makefile commands:

  • make ps display docker-compose processes
  • make up start containers
  • make stop stop containers
  • make restart restart containers
  • make down stop & remove containers
  • make build build images
  • make logs display real-time logs
  • SERVICE=jira|postgres|backup EXEC_ARGS="command..." make exec execute command on selected container
  • SERVICE=jira|postgres|backup make bash attach bash terminal on selected container
  • make jira attach bash terminal on jira container
  • make psql attach psql terminal
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