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Dockerfile to build [GalSim](
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Dockerfile for building Galsim.
The built image is hosted on Dockerhub
which is linked to this repo with a webhook, so any changes in the Dockerfile
in this repo will trigger a new build.

How to use:

Method 1: pull and run docker image

1) Install VirtualBox if you do not have Linux as your OS.
2) Install docker following these
3) Start docker via the quickstart terminal.
4) In the quickstart terminal with the whale logo, issue

$ docker run -ti karenyng/galsim_dockerfile:<TAG_NAME>

Put <TAG_NAME>=v1.3.0 if you want to pull the image of GalSim v1.3.0.
Or else omit : or put TAG_NAME=latest to pull the image of GalSim master
Then the image will be downloaded and run.
Press enter after the prompt does not change anymore and
then you will have control of the container once the terminal prompt changes.

Method 2: build and run docker image

Using the dockerfile here and building the image will take much longer.
But you can do it if you want.

$ git clone
$ git checkout v1.3.0   # if you want to build v1.3.0 of GalSim.
$ cd GalSim_dockerfile  # or whatever the folder name of the git repo is

Follow step 1-3 above, then

$ docker build -t IMAGE_NAME . 

You are free to choose what the <IMAGE_NAME> of the built image would be.
You can then run the built image by:

$ docker run -it IMAGE_NAME

Docker learning resources

  • My brief docker intro slides that summarizes some of the important concepts and commands to get you started.

Docker also has excellent online resources, check out:

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