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An alpine version of the kubernetes/pause container (for shell access)
Full Description

Alpine pause container

See github for the source to this image

This container is an alpine based container which does nothing except stays alive even without being run with -it.
It can be used to replace the kubernetes pause container with one that has a shell, e.g. when testing some
part of kubernetes in an interactive manner.


Run this container using docker run karlherler/pause, this will call the pause program (which does nothing but idle).
If you want to override the pause application you can postfix the docker run command with any other command as the program
is started using the CMD dockerfile parameter.

After the container is started you can investigate it by running docker exec -it containername sh

Usage from kubernetes

Simply replace image: kubernetes/pause with image: karlherler/pause in your pod spec and the new pod will support kubectl exec podname -i -t sh

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