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BitTorrent Sync Dockerfile

This will build a docker image that runs BitTorrent

Getting the image

There are various ways to get the image onto your system:

The preferred way (but using most bandwidth for the initial image) is to
get our docker trusted build like this:

docker pull kartoza/btsync

To build the image yourself without apt-cacher (also consumes more bandwidth
since deb packages need to be refetched each time you build) do:

docker build -t kartoza/btsync git://

To build with apt-cache (and minimised download requirements) do you need to
clone this repo locally first and modify the contents of 71-apt-cacher-ng to
match your cacher host. Then build using a local url instead of directly from

git clone git://

Now edit 71-apt-cacher-ng then do:

docker build -t kartoza/btsync .


To create a running container do:

docker run --name "" \
    --restart=always \
    --hostname="" \
    -e SECRET=123456 \
    -e \
    -v /home/blah/yourshare:/web \
    -d -t kartoza/btsync

You should use the following environment variables to pass a
user DEVICE name (it will show up as this in your docker sync lists) and SECRET
(use a read only secret normally).

  • -e SECRET=<secret>
  • -e DEVICE=<device name>

We recommend that you share your storage directory as a volume mounted
as /web into the container - this will allow you to destroy and
recreate the container without losing you synced data.


More details are available in this tutorial.

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