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Kartoza Django Base Image

A base image for django projects.

This is a base image for django projects. It is based on the
python base image (which in turn is based on debian).

This image makes some other assumptions in particular:

  • nodejs / npm / yuglify are installed to compress django resources
  • uwsgi runs on port 8080
  • uwsgi is set up to serve the django project out of /home/web/django_project
  • the WORKDIR will be set to /home/web/django_project
  • uwsgi will serve up static resources from /home/web/django_project/static
  • uwsgi will serve up media resources from /home/web/django_project/media
  • Your project is mounted into /home/web/django_project from a docker volume

NOTE: Django itself is not installed in this image - you must add it in your

Getting the image

There are several ways to get the image onto your system:

Use the docker repository:

This will consume the most bandwidth for the initial build but
will be easy to update thereafter.

docker pull kartoza/django-base

Build with no package caching

to build the image without apt-cacher do:

docker build -t kartoza/django-base git://

Build locally or with apt-cacher-ng caching locally

Note: we recommend using apt-cacher-ng to speed up package fetching -
you should configure the host for it in the provided 71-apt-cacher-ng file.

To build with apt-cacher-ng do you need to clone this repo locally first and
modify the contents of 71-apt-cacher-ng to match your cacher host. then
build using a local url instead of directly from github.

git clone git://

now edit 71-apt-cacher-ng then do:

docker build -t kartoza/django-base .


You should use the FROM directive in your Dockerfile to inherit from this file
and then install your requirements like this:

FROM kartoza/django-base
RUN pip install -r /REQUIREMENTS.txt
RUN pip install uwsgi


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December 2014

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