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I assume you have docker installed already (the build file and example below
refers to docker instead of docker for commands since that is how it is
packaged in Ubuntu 14.04). So all instructions below are based on 14.04 as the

Change the username and email address in the bash command to run the container:

docker pull kartoza/geogig
sudo docker run -e USER='name' -e EMAIL_ADDRESS='' --name="geogig" -p 38080:8182  -d  kartoza/geogig

If you want to build the image yourself using the Docker recipe then do the following:

sudo apt-get install apt-cacher-ng
git clone
cd docker-geogig

VERSION build arg can be set to dev for the lastest
development build or to a specific version, the default
value is 1.1.1 and it will build geogig-1.1.1.

OSMPLUGIN build arg to be set to OSM to install OSM dev geogig plugin

BDBPLUGIN no longer supported As of GeoGig release 1.0, the BerkeleyDB backend has been replaced by RocksDB

# Set $ADDR to your APT_CATCHER_IP
docker build -t kartoza/geogig --build-arg VERSION=dev --build-arg APT_CATCHER_IP=$ADDR .
# See ./ for an example run

Its going to take a long time (and consume a chunk of bandwidth) for the build
because you have any docker base operating system images on your system and the
maven build grabs a lot of jars.

After it is installed, to run a container substitute your username and email address on the bash command below:

sudo docker run -e USER='name' -e EMAIL_ADDRESS='' --name="geogig" -p 38080:8182  -d  kartoza/geogig

Then from your local machine you should be able to clone the GeoGigRepo
repository that is created in the docker container:

geogig clone http://localhost:38080 gisdata-repo-clone
  • Tim Sutton, February 2015
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