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Use DataCleaner to run batch data wrangling, analysis or ETL jobs on your cluster machine/cluster.
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A docker image for running DataCleaner jobs to do Data Quality analysis, Data Wrangling or straight ETL processing.

Go to to get DataCleaner community edition.

Run instructions

To show DataCleaner version, run:

docker run --rm kaspersor/datacleaner --usage

If you want to run a job using this image, the easiest way is to mount a volume containing the required files (usually job and conf.xml) to the image.

Often times this directory will be your local DataCleaner home folder, so you can mount it to /dc_data in a docker run command like this: -v ~/.datacleaner/5.2.2:/dc_data

So to verify - try and list your datastores:

docker run --rm -v ~/.datacleaner/5.2.2:/dc_data kaspersor/datacleaner -conf /dc_data/conf.xml -list DATASTORES

And now, run a job "myjob.analysis.xml":

docker run --rm -v ~/.datacleaner/5.2.2:/dc_data kaspersor/datacleaner -conf /dc_data/conf.xml -job /dc_data/jobs/myjob.analysis.xml

(Note that it seems there is an issue in DataCleaner around running jobs with spaces in their paths, so be sure to name the path to the job and conf.xml to a path without spaces).

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