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PHP composer
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FROM php:cli

  • installed zip and git
  • installed composer globally to composer command
  • working as docker's php user (see "UID mapping")


  • no additional php dependencies (use composer with --ignore-platform-reqs)
  • using Your local SSH key
  • storing composer's cache locally
  • composer works as Your local user (thanks to "UID mapping")

UID mapping

Docker's composer works as "php" user. After mapping Your local directory with project into docker's /opt, entrypoint load UID of /opt and replace UID of "php" user to new value. The result is working as Your local user (no "permission denied" errors)


  • Create Makefile in Your project

    CMD=$(filter-out $@,$(MAKECMDGOALS))
    composer: ; @docker run --rm -it \
            -v ~/.ssh:/home/php/.ssh \
            -v $$(pwd)/:/opt \
            -v ~/.docker-composer/:/home/php/.composer \
            kastinpl/composer composer --ignore-platform-reqs --working-dir=/opt ${CMD}
    %: ; @:
  • set up /home/php/.ssh docker's location to use Your local SSH keys

  • set up /opt docker's location as main project directory (with composer.json)
  • set up /home/php/.composer docker's location to store composer temporary files
  • --ignore-platform-reqs allows You to skip php-extensions, not installed in docker


make composer install
make composer update
make composer require doctrine/mongodb-odm
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