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CentOS 7 + nginx + php-fpm with ioncube loader and WHMCS.
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This Dockerfile will build a container image for nginx with php-fpm for running WHMCS. It ships with ionCube loader as well as WHMCS itself (v6.3.1 at present). The image is based on CentOS 7 and based on my nginx-php-fpm container.

Note: You will need a valid WHMCS license to use WHMCS.



The source files for this project are available on GitHub:

Docker Hub

The Docker Hub page for this project can be found here.


Pulling from Docker Hub

To pull this Dockerfile from Docker Hub:

docker pull katastrophe/docker-wmcs

Building from source

You can build this container from source with:

git clone
docker build -t katastrophe/docker-whmcs:latest .


Run the container with minimal configuration and options:

docker run --name <container_name> -p 8080:80 -d -h <container_hostname> katastrophe/docker-whmcs

This will run the container, and you can then run the WHMCS installer by browsing to http://docker-host:8080

Other options

Linking volumes

Syntax: -v /host/path:/container/path

You can use Docker to link a path within the container to a path on the host. For example, to expose the web server's document root on the Docker host at /opt/whmcs, you could use:

docker run --name <container_name> -p 8080:80 -d -h <container_hostname> -v /opt/whmcs:/usr/share/nginx/html katastrophe/docker-whmcs

PHP Errors

By default, PHP errors are logged but not displayed to the end user in the browser. To change this default, you can set the ERRORS environment variable to true.

Syntax: -e 'ERRORS=true'

PHP Timezone

PHP requires a timezone to be set explicitly, so we pass this in using the PHPTZ environment variable. If this is not specified, it will be defaulted to Europe/London.

Syntax: -e 'PHPTZ=America/New_York'

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