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Finnish dependency parser ( Docker container.
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Docker container and server for Finnish dependency parser.

Parser takes Finnish text as input and outputs CoNLL-U format.


Finnish dependency parser is originally used as a command line tool, but in this Docker container the parser is wrapped in HTTP server. The server code replaces some of the scripts/code with Java servlets and the result is that it is much faster to parse text.

Fortunately, Finnish dependency parser uses open source code, so I could include and modify some of the
scripts and source code. Please see the server-directory to find out what code is used and modified.
One such code is HFST optimized-lookup standalone library and command line tool by Helsinki Finite-State Technology.

Unfortunately, the code used in Finnish dependency parser appears not to handle concurrent requests well, so
the server is currently forced to process one request at a time. Please see the code for details.


Get container from Dockerhub:

  • docker pull kazhar/finnish-dep-parser

Or build docker image using:

  • docker build -t finnish-dep-parser .

Run docker container, expose port 9876 and exit using CTRL-C:

  • docker run -it --rm -p kazhar/finnish-dep-parser

Start docker container in detached mode and restart if container goes down:

  • docker run --restart always -d -p kazhar/finnish-dep-parser

Post file to parser using curl:

Use any programming language to HTTP POST Finnish text to this server and get CoNLL-U format back.

Get simple statistics of the parser:


Everything in this repo, including all code is "AS IS". No support, no warranty, no fitness for any purpose, nothing is expressed or implied, not by me (nor my employer).


The Finnish dependency parsing pipeline is licensed under GPL-2.0. Other licenses may apply to other code in this repo. See files in this repo for any info. I guess this repo is also GPL-2.0 but I can not tell for sure, so I don't claim any licensing.

If you want to know more and be sure, please seek legal advice.

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