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Simple Markdown Blog Engine
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This simple project aims to create a simple Markdown based blog engine which has no further depencencies (no cache, no database) and can be edited through VCS commits and deployed as a whole.

It's written in CoffeeScript, uses Jade as the template engine and Less to make CSS creation fun.


This piece of software requires at least Node.js v0.10 or newer installed (a version with the recent bugfixes is highly advised).



git clone
cd mdblog
npm install --production
npm run app

By default it binds to port 8080. To change this behavior, just set an alternative port with the PORT environment variable:

PORT=1234 npm run app

Creating posts

It is advised to fork the repository on GitHub and start committing your blog posts (the best is if you even make it publicly available, so you can accept pull requests from others, but that's your decision).

Just put your blog posts into $MDBLOG/posts in a file with the format: $YEAR-$MONTH-$DAY_$ and write them in simple Internet Message/Markdown format (you don't need CRLF's to separate the lines though), for example:

Title: My first post

# My first post


And that's it! Enjoy!

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