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This repository contains the source for the icinga2 docker image.

It is only the client side. When used inside a priviledged container, you'll be able to monitor the whole machine with this image.

For the master node consult @jjethwa's docker image.

Why the fuck would I need an icinga2-client-node in a docker-container?

Well, actually. That's a good question. But let me answer it with a question: Have you ever used synology-products and their shell?

  • No: You had been lucky.
  • Yes: You know the evidence.

Well, to paraphrase it:

  • It's impossible to build icinga2 on a Synology NAS with 1G of RAM. It may be. But if so, it's at least a PITA.
  • I disliked the monitoring of my NAS via the SNMP plugin, as the service had been flapping constantly, because Synology reported every time, when it had not been connected to the update site. Which results in a flapping service. This is just impractical.
  • Hacking a docker client-image was straight forward, as I contributed much things to @jjethwa's image.
    • Now my Synology Box just feels like another good Linux-Box. And I can produce for every HDD/FS/RAID/... a single icinga2-service.
    • docker is squeezable.


Recommended execution is via docker-compose. There is too much stuff which has to be configured outside the container to run it via plain docker run but of course, it would be possible.

#add your ticket-salt information
$EDITOR docker-compose.yml
docker-compose up

Environment variables Reference

Environmental Variable Default Value Description
ICINGA2_TICKET_SALT undefined required: Container will stop without ticket-salt to process certificate request.
ICINGA2_MASTER_HOST mon The hostname of icinga2
ICINGA2_MASTER_FQDN $ICINGA2_MASTER_HOST If your icinga2 master certs' FQDN does not match the hostname, define this in addition. If you set ICINGA2_MASTER_HOST correctly, you should not worry about this.
ICINGA2_MASTER_PORT 5665 Default port on the icinga2 master.
ICINGA2_CLIENT_FQDN $(hostname --fqdn) To request a certificate from your master, your requesting FQDN has to match the FQDN chained to your given ticket salt. If your hostname does not match the FQDN, defined this variable and set the value to the corresponding value of the master.

Volume Reference

All these folders are configured and able to get mounted as volume. The bottom ones are not quite neccessary.

Volume ro/rw Description & Usage
/etc/icinga2 rw Icinga2 configuration folder
/var/lib/icinga2 rw Icinga2 Data
/var/log/icinga2 rw logfolder for icinga2 (not neccessary)
/var/log/supervisor rw logfolder for supervisord (not neccessary)
/var/spool/icinga2 rw spool-folder for icinga2 (not neccessary)
/var/cache/icinga2 rw cache-folder for icinga2 (not neccessary)
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