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docker container with LLDP server and utils
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docker container with LLDP server and utils

Based on LLDP daemon implementation by Vincent Bernat

This container needs full access to the network interfaces (--net=host) and must run in privileged mode (--privileged) to be able to send and receive LLDP packets from neighbors. It also needs --uts=host option to properly access host information data.

Instead of using --privileged, you can specify --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --cap-add=NET_RAW options.

By default LLDP packets are sent every 30 seconds, so you might not see neighbors immediately.


docker run -d --restart always --net=host --uts=host --privileged --name lldpd kciepluc/lldpd-docker


There is also built-in CLI which can be used to inspect some statistics and list neighbors:

docker exec -it lldpd lldpcli

Useful CLI commands:

show statistics
show neighbors

For documentation and more information about lldpd and lldpcli please go to:

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